Kahhak Industries: Leading Private Limited Company in India

Our Brands

Explore the exciting range of brands under Kahhak Industries! Each brand represents our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We have curated a diverse portfolio at Kahhak Industries, featuring brands across various sectors. TAOD offers modern yet traditionally inspired food and 99 varieties of dumplings. Kahhak Eatery delights in a fusion of global flavors. Kahhak Creamery serves premium ice creams and desserts. Kahhak Eatery provides unique dishes to boost everyone’s tastes. Finally, Kahhak Encensery focuses on different incense sticks of a variety of fragrances. Each brand is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Each brand within Kahhak Industries is dedicated to providing exceptional service and products that cater to your diverse needs and preferences. Join us in exploring these offerings and discover how our brands can enhance your daily life!

Kahhak Industries

Welcome! Kahhak Industries is a private limited company ‘where precision meets pride’.

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